• Finding ways to get more women into cleantech – and keep them there!

    18/06/2018 By Karen Lawrence

    I have the privilege of leading an exciting project for the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) that’s all about getting more women into and leading the city’s cleantech industry. This is the sector that produces the technologies, goods and services that reduce negative impacts on our environment,...

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  • Some Required Reading for London's New Councillors

    24/05/2018 By Ashok Sinha

    How can we ensure London lives within its environmental means, and in doing so increases quality of life for every Londoner, present and future? How can we increase equity and widen prosperity whilst averting the existential threat humanity has created for ourselves – and much else that co-habits this planet –...

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  • A Better Future

    The global agreement put together in Paris in December has declared that the world is now on a path to a low-carbon economy. Reports today from NASA show that this February was 1.35oC warmer than records since 1951. Given the world hopes to restrain the average global temperature rise to well below 2oC we need to take...

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  • Back to the future!

    09/12/2015 By Paul Turner

    It was the night before Christmas…..and everything was going so well until the dishwasher, full of course, decided to pop its mortal coil!  From the engineer, dreaded words – “the motor’s gone…with parts (assuming they’re available), and labour (it is Christmas Eve after all)...

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  • Looking ahead to the COP21 climate summit

    Since the Mayor appointed me chair of the LSDC almost one year ago, the Commission has been extremely busy looking at three areas which have great significance for the sustainable development and growth of London. On the circular economy – which looks at waste not just as rubbish but as a source for raw materials...

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