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London Leaders 2008

In 2008 we asked the first 15 London Leaders, individuals already well-regarded for pushing the boundaries to achieve sustainable change, to commit to a new goal, going beyond usual practice, to inspire the rest of London.

Over the course of the year each London Leader championed a project or campaign to demonstrate sustainability in action and deliver improvements in quality of life.

These projects included: retrofitting green roofs in central London; publishing a community cookbook; launching an annual Arts and Ecology campaign within the cultural sector; establishing Sustain72 – a community of private sector housing professionals working to promote sustainability; working with the London TV and film industry to encourage pro-environmental behaviours; training young refugee leaders; and running healthy eating projects in housing estates across London.

Importantly, the group of Leaders were able to work collectively and collaboratively to find new solutions, learning from each other and offering support.

Click on the Leaders thumbnail images above to discover their ‘sustainability story’ and learn about their ‘London Leader commitment’. Download our London Leaders brochure, A Greater London: What are you doing? to find out more.

A Year in the Life of the London Leaders 2007-08
The LSDC's first annual report of the London Leaders programme. This report provides an overview of the first year of the programme, includes case studies of Leaders' projects and makes recommendations for the development of the programme.

A Year in the Life of the London Leaders 2007-08 [PDF 1.71Mb]