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London Leaders 2009

In December 2008 we announced our second group of inspiring London Leaders from organisations and communities across the capital.

Paul de Zylva, Acting Chair of The London Sustainable Development Commission, said: When people ask me what sustainable development means I point to our London Leaders. They make it real and show how dealing with London's social, economic and environmental issues can also help London lead action on big issues like climate change. Our first leaders put sustainable thinking into practice. I now welcome our next leaders who will bring it alive in their own way.

Find out more by downloading our London Leaders 2009 brochure - more information on the Leaders' projects to follow.

London Leaders 2009 Brochure [PDF 532Kb]
London Leaders 2009 Brochure [RTF 28Kb]

Another Year in the Life of the London Leaders 2009-10
The LSDC's second annual report of the London Leaders programme showcases the continuing success of the programme.  The summary document contains case studies and real life examples of London Leaders in action.

Another Year in the Life of the London Leaders 2009-10 [PDF 1Mb]

London Leaders 2009-10 Project Summary [PDF 2Mb]