Newsletter Archive (2008 - 2014)

Previous issues of the London Leaders e-newsletter are below. 

  • Issue 27 - December 2014

    Issue 27 - December 2014

    Latest news from London Leaders - December 2013
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  • Issue 26 - September 2013

    Issue 26 - September 2013

    Latest news from London Leaders - September 2013!
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  • Issue 25 - July 2013

    Issue 25 - July 2013

    Latest news from London Leaders - July 2013!
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  • Issue 23 - January 2013

    Issue 23 - January 2013

    Read the latest from our 2012 London Leaders.
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  • Issue 22 - October 2012

    Issue 22 - October 2012

    Catch up with the progress of our 2012 London Leaders, as well as a few Leaders from previous years
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  • Issue 21 - July 2012

    Issue 21 - July 2012

    In this issue we introduce our new London Leaders for 2012
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  • Issue 20 - April 2012

    Issue 20 - April 2012

    In this issue of the newsletter we look at the inspiring work and progress of some of our 2011 London Leaders and update you on recent events.
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  • Issue 19 - December 2011

    Issue 19 - December 2011

    In this issue of the newsletter we feature Food Waste campaigner Lotti Henley and update you on recent and upcoming events.
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  • Issue 18 - October 2011

    Issue 18 - October 2011

    This issue of the newsletter is packed with updates on the projects of the 2011 London Leaders.
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  • Issue 17 - June 2011

    Issue 17 - June 2011

    This issue of the newsletter is both a look back to the achievements of two of our 2010 London Leaders, and a look forward to the newly appointed London Leaders for 2011.
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  • Issue 16 - April 2011

    Issue 16 - April 2011

    Thank you to everyone that attended the launch of the 2011 London Leaders programme last month. We hope you agree it was a great start to what looks set to be a great year ahead. To those of you that couldn't make it, you can read about the event, and the newly recruited Leaders in this newsletter...
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  • Issue 15 - January 2011

    Issue 15 - January 2011

    Happy new year from the London Sustainable Development Commission and the London Leaders team. We have a very exciting start to 2011, with recruitment opening for the new programme. More details are below - please do spread the word and forward this newsletter on to anyone that you think could make an exceptional leader in sustainability. We hope you enjoy this update...
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  • Issue 14 - November 2010

    Issue 14 - November 2010

    As the weather gets colder things are hotting up for the London Leaders, with several successful launches and events. We hope you enjoy reading about these in this jam packed newsletter, and wish everyone a happy Christmas. Over 200 young people attended an event at City Hall on 12th November to learn skills that will enable them to become Leaders of the future...
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  • Issue 13 - September 2010

    Issue 13 - September 2010

    The 2010 London Leaders programme is now half way through! At this important milestone, London Leading finds out about the excellent progress Leaders are making towards delivering their projects, and also catches up with Leaders from previous years. On Monday 06 September, London Leader Tamara Rayment and other members of 'The Green Place' allotment project, E16, invited visitors to join them for an open day...
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  • Issue 12 - July 2010

    Issue 12 - July 2010

    The fifteen London Leaders, announced at the March launch, have been very busy developing their projects, and 2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year. As always, a huge variety of innovative projects have been proposed - you can find out more about some of these in this jam packed newsletter. Several successful networking sessions have been held recently...
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  • Issue 11 - April 2010

    Issue 11 - April 2010

    A cautious welcome to British summertime but a proud welcome to the 11th issue of the London Sustainable Development Commission's London Leaders programme newsletter. On 16th March the London Sustainable Development Commission announced the new London Leaders for 2010, and thanked the 2009 Leaders for their immense contribution to London...
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  • Issue 10 - February 2010

    Issue 10 - February 2010

    2009 London Leader Andrew MacAskill is the Supply Chain Director for one of the largest and most responsible construction companies operating in London. Within the UK Skanska buys over £1 billion of products and services from over 7,500 suppliers each year, with a significant number operating in the capital. The way Skanska builds and the supply chain they employ makes a significant impact on London's economy...
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  • Issue 9 - October 2009

    Issue 9 - October 2009

    With just over a week to go until the close for applications for the 2010 London Leaders programme, it's hard to believe we're approaching the end of the year already. But it's a project packed autumn, which includes the launch of Rob Holdway's Changing Habbits programme and the awards ceremony for Fashioning the Future, the international student competition lead by Frances Corner...
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  • Issue 8 - August 2009

    Issue 8 - August 2009

    Welcome to the latest issue of London Leading! July was a busy and successful month for London Leaders, beginning with the launch of Wayne Hemingway's KiosKiosK at More London outside City Hall, followed by the Future Arcola event hosted by Ben Todd in Hackney, and ending with Laura Ivill's Mint Summer Games in Mint Park, Southwark...
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  • Issue 7 - June 2009

    Issue 7 - June 2009

    Welcome to the latest issue of London Leading. We are now half way through the current London Leaders' term of office and projects are hotting up! As many of will know, June is the time of Love London and at the festival's finale event a panel of London Leaders chaired by Debbie Leach, Chief Executive of Thames21, will be debating the role of sustainability leadership at the local level...
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  • Issue 6 - March 2009

    Issue 6 - March 2009

    The London Sustainable Development Commission is pleased that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recently appointed John Plowman as the new Chair. We can expect to hear more from John on his plans for the Commission in future issues of London Leading. The London Leaders have also had a busy few months scoping and developing their projects for 2009...
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  • Issue 5 - December 2008

    Issue 5 - December 2008

    Welcome to the last 2008 issue of London Leading. Last week the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) was proud to announce the second group of new Leaders at the London Leaders Annual Event at the Royal Society. We were excited and inspired by the wealth of excellent applications for the 2009 programme...
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  • Issue 4 - September 2008

    Issue 4 - September 2008

    Welcome to the September issue of London Leading. Over the summer the London Leaders programme has been opening its doors in the hunt for the second round of Leaders. It has been exciting to see the amazing wealth of activity in London and such a high number of passionate and committed individuals across all sectors, working to promote sustainable development in their organisations and deliver real improvements...
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  • Issue 3 - July 2008

    Issue 3 - July 2008

    London Sustainability Weeks heralded two London Leaders events at City Hall, we hope you were able to join us and this issue gives you a flavour of the work on show. While our current London Leaders are inspiring us with their work, the London Sustainable Development Commission has announced the start of the recruitment for the next group of Leaders...
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  • Issue 2 - April 2008

    Issue 2 - April 2008

    Issue 2 of London Leading sees the programme reaching its six-month milestone. It's certainly been a busy start for our London Leaders and all are making great strides towards delivering their programme commitments. Join us during London Sustainability Weeks (1-21 June) when we'll be showcasing some of the Leaders' work to date and welcoming more Londoners to play a part this year. More details to follow next month...
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  • Issue 1 - March 2008

    Issue 1 - March 2008

    Welcome to the first issue of 'London Leading' the London Leaders programme newsletter. The London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) and the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone launched London Leaders in October 2007. Our 15 Leaders from across London's sectors and communities have been charged with the task of inspiring other Londoners to create a more sustainable city...
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