Deborah Rothenberg

Deborah Rothenberg


Visionary and project manager for London Ground to Ground



"London's dense population in a modern society poses massive issues of waste management. Though we do not see the overflowing Landfill sites, it doesn't mean that the problem isn't there. Each individual can make a small difference through considered use of their own waste."

The Project
London Ground to Ground is a vision to encourage the collection of used coffee grounds from cafes and bars across in London. Its aim is:
a) To encourage coffee shops to actively promote the collection of used coffee grounds with the help of an online map, available at
b) To advertise the potential usage of coffee grounds in relevant locations (and online);
c) To use the shared knowledge and experience of other gardeners in London and abroad to motivate Londoners to collect grounds, and to know the right way to use them for their plants, lawns, wormeries and compost.

What does being a London Leader mean to you?  
Being a London Leader is an opportunity to make a subtle yet significant difference in a growing metropolis. Being part of a network of other London Leaders helps to set goals and targets – we can realise these through a shared vision to support London as a leading light on sustainability.

What’s your past experience?  
I have had a number of roles in my life from a producer on breakfast news for the Chris Tarrant Breakfast show to my own London based comedy night, Bard and Roses. I have worked across London creating projects for arts organisations that address key issues through creativity. London Ground to Ground is an extension of my passion for London and my knowledge of its numerous hubs and networks.