Nigel Tyrell

Nigel Tyrell


LoveCleanLondon Evangelist



"My vision is a London, where citizens and its hi-vis workforce share responsibility for environmental quality, through an active social network, LoveCleanLondon. A London kept clean by citizens proud to claim 'I Cleaned London'!"

The Project

LoveCleanLondon is a mobile and web app for reporting environmental quality issues to the relevant local authority in an open and transparent manner. It originated in Lewisham, as LoveLewisham where it has helped reduce graffiti by 73% and fly-tipping by 54%. LoveCleanLondon was launched by London Mayor, Boris Johnson in 2011.

LoveCleanLondon goes beyond the passive reporting process, not only by engaging frontline workers, but also encouraging citizens to share issues they've resolved themselves. The 'I Cleaned London' category can be assigned to reports where action from the local authority is not required.
The widespread adoption of LoveCleanLondon provides a unique platform to encourage and share responsibility for environmental quality. It will improve London by increasing volunteering among the growing numbers of front-line staff who use the LoveCleanLondon app at work. Using the 'I Cleaned London' category during their off-duty social life will increase the number of volunteering 'actions'.

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What does being a London Leader mean to you?
It's a brilliant opportunity to help improve the quality of life for Londoners by using innovative technology to drive transformational change.

What's your past experience?
I am currently Head of Environment for the London Borough of Lewisham, responsible for Waste Management, Street Cleansing, Parks (and also Fleet, Bereavement Services, Passenger Services, Environmental Health and Enforcement).

I have a particular interest in the development and application of mobile technology. In 2004 I founded 'LoveLewisham' to draw residents and council workers together in posting real-time images of environmental problems to the web using mobile devices. LoveLewisham has inspired similar projects throughout the UK and beyond. I became a Microsoft Certified Professional in 2006.

LoveLewisham has delivered significant improvements in efficiency and resident satisfaction. LoveCleanStreets, a generic Cloud-based version of LoveLewisham, was launched in February 2010.

LoveCleanLondon was launched by London Mayor, Boris Johnson in 2011 and is now part of the Inspire Programme for the 2012 Games. LoveCleanLondon also forms part of the London Mayor's Municipal Waste Strategy.

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