Kate Hofman

Kate Hofman


Co-founder, GrowUp Urban Farms



"We waste up to a third of all our food, which we can cut down on if, among other things, we bring food production closer to consumers. "

GrowUp Urban Farms grow sustainable and healthy salads, herbs and fish in cities using aquaponics and vertical growing systems.

This year they are seeking to build London’s first commercial aquaponic urban farm, demonstrating the viability of high density aquaponic production in urban areas. The farms are expected to generate employment opportunities for local young people with a poor record of educational attainment, and will be capable of producing around 20,000kg of salad and 5,000kgs of fish each year.

Initially using a flagship farm, GrowUp wants to show that it is possible and commercially viable to grow sustainable food for a local market in London and create meaningful employment for local people at the same time.

Commercial urban farming and alternative technologies for food production mean London can be part of a resilient global food system.